Lucreate Hung

In Solaris10 when we are creating new lu and its getting hunged during creation , then follow the below process. First find the process id of the lucreate and then find child process , then check where it get stucked

  1. ps -ef |grep -i lucreate

28197 /bin/sh /usr/lib/lu/lucreate -n sol10-20171208 -a rpool -b rpool

  1. Find the tree of the process id to know root cause.

root@unix # ptree 28197
1355 boks_init -f /etc/opt/boksm/boksinit.client
1367 /opt/boksm/lib/boks_sshd -D -g120 -4
23389 /opt/boksm/lib/boks_sshd -D -g120 -4 -R
23437 -ksh
23760 kslog -I-1 -Inoecho -Iecho -O0 -O-match -T0 -S0 -g0 -u0 -U root -l user1 -s su
23765 -sh
28192 lucreate -n sol10-20171208
28197 /bin/sh /usr/lib/lu/lucreate -n sol10-20171208 -a rpool -b rpool
387 /usr/bin/df -kh
root@unix #

  1. just un-mounted stale NFS

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