Solaris10 patching in zfs

1. freezing resources

scswitch -n -M -j rac-framework-rs
scswitch -n -M -j crs-framework-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-mds-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-mds-oradatb-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-mds-oralog-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-mds-arch-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oradata-mp-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oradatb-mp-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oralog-mp-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-arch-mp-rs
scswitch -n -M -j rac-v55x-proxy-rs
scswitch -n -M -j rac-v58x-proxy-rs
scswitch -n -M -j rac-v51x-proxy-rs
scswitch -n -M -j rac-v81x-proxy-rs
scswitch -n -M -j rac-v44x-proxy-rs
scswitch -n -M -j rac-v57x-proxy-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oradatd-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oradatc-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oraarch1-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oralog1-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oradatac-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oradatad-rs
scswitch -n -M -j scal-oradatd-rs
scswitch -n -M -j scal-oradatc-rs
scswitch -n -M -j scal-oraarch1-rs
scswitch -n -M -j scal-oralog1-rs
scswitch -n -M -j scal-oradatac-rs
scswitch -n -M -j scal-oradatad-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oradatf-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oradate-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oralog2-rs
scswitch -n -M -j qfs-oraarch2-rs
scswitch -n -M -j scal-oradatf-rs
scswitch -n -M -j scal-oradate-rs
scswitch -n -M -j scal-oralog2-rs
scswitch -n -M -j scal-oraarch2-rs

2. Bringdown the databases

3. Creating the BOOT ENVIRONMENT for OS patching

# lucreate -n newenv -p rpool

4 checking the boot environment status

# lustatus

5 navigating to the patch clusterand installing pre-requiste patchset

# cd /var/tmp/10_Recommended
#./installpatchset –apply-prereq –s10patchset

6 once everything is fine apply the patch on alternate boot dataset as follows

# ./installpatchset –s10patchset -B newenv

7 # lustatus

7 activate the new boot environment

# luactivate newenv

# lustatus

8 reboot the server using

# init 6

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